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Who Wins? You Decide!

by Sherri Gerek on 06/14/17

It is easy to quit. Just turn and walk away.

BUT - what if you didn't know when you quit you were only inches from crossing the finish line? Would the thought of being that close to a cherished dream or goal motivate you to keep moving forward? 

If your answer is “YES,” then you already have what it will take to strut across that finish line! 

Let’s dig a little deeper and connect you to your internal motivator.  Once you make that connection, you will know where it is, and how to wake it up!

Perhaps you have been there at some point in your life feeling - I am so over this…This is too hard…What was I thinking taking this on...I don’t think I want this anymore…I am done. 

True - it is easy to quit, and often difficult to persevere.  It is common to wrestle with our self-discipline during challenging times.  Why am I doing this again?  What made me think I could be, do, or have this in my life? We begin trying to reconcile our feelings about giving up with the reasons we had for beginning on our path in the first place. 

Picture a mini-you on each of your shoulders – you know the ones…the Little Red You sporting horns, a pitch fork, and tail sitting on one shoulder while Little Cherub You, the highest version of yourself, smiling, dressed in white, and looking confident sits on your other shoulder.  The familiar battle for control – is on!  For a spell, the Little Red one is exhausting you with all of the short-sided chatter, and she appears to be gaining the upper hand.  Not so fast, Little Cherub seems to say: Be mindful of the kind of life you most want to live, and the personal best you wish to achieve. If you quit when things become difficult, you will never live to your potential, and aren’t you curious what your potential might be? Yes!  I Am! 

My Little Cherub is curious, and wants to know – What is it like?  How does it feel to be my personal best?  What is it like to press on no matter what obstacles are presented?  What if I manage to overcome all of the obstacles in front of me?  Where might that lead? How does it feel to remain confident even when those around me may not get what I am doing? 

It is curiosity that knocks at the closed door inside myself – Hey, just wondering what it would be like…don’t you?  And as my inner door opens, the answer is always a resounding YES!

What is your curiosity telling you?  Or, by chance is the Little Red one gaining the upper hand – encouraging you to quit, give up, and play small?! 

Decide right now that you will persevere when faced with adversity - don't sweat it, just be prepared for it when it comes. Consider the challenges to your success as nothing more than golden opportunities to show yourself, and those around you what you are made of. 

Oh, you better believe there is incredible strength and determination within you.  Go ahead – wake it up, and watch what opens up in your life when you do! Muster the courage, and confidence necessary to press on in the face of adversity, you’ve got this.

Call me to explore how to fully live according to your highest potential.  406-270-8098    or  Sherri is a Certified Professional Coach and author of The Hummingbird Way, a guidebook on personal and professional development available on and anywhere e-Books are sold!

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