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Life Coaching, an Innovative Solution for Drug Treatment Court!

by Sherri Gerek on 11/10/19

One of the first Treatment court client’s assigned to me five years ago was a young man, we’ll call David, who began using as a teenager. His feeling like an outsider stemmed from childhood as an introvert raised in a family of extroverts. David’s early recollection was at eight years old when he and his siblings performed a skit during a family holiday dinner. 

At the end, his father announced to everyone, “David, you’re not funny or creative like your brothers and sister, but you’re a good kid.”


At age 29, David was employed as a janitor, the only position available for a felon. Before his arrest, he was a line cook working to become an Executive Chef.


Let’s pause David’s story here.

My work with clients involves building skills for interpersonal effectiveness, self-leadership, and emotional intelligence while overcoming the limiting beliefs and outmoded perspectives standing in their way. Each client starts with an Energy Leadership Index Assessment, a unique attitudinal assessment only administered by iPEC ELI Master Practitioners. Through this process, clients come away understanding, perhaps for the first time, the way in which they perceive the world has been largely programmed by past experiences.  I coach the to build the tools necessary to support a healthy, positive life of their choosing.

Prior to launching my coaching practice, Let’s Strut Your Stuff, LLC in 2010, I spent 26 years as a successful leader in the travel and hospitality industry. In 2006, I lost a 28 year old cousin to an accidental drug overdose. Drue’s untimely death devastated our family. Both my business career and my life experience make me uniquely qualified to coach this population. I understand the challenges of juggling career, family, and community are only compounded for clients transitioning through Adult Drug Treatment Court. I guide drug court clients through some of their life’s most difficult terrain and teach them skills to thrive.


Let’s return to David.


David received coaching by phone one hour per week for two months. During that time, he worked on his goal to become a chef, and he completely reframed and reset his life’s direction. Rather than viewing himself as an odd introvert, David began realizing and focusing on the benefits of his personal style. He learned new ways to engage those around him which increased his confidence and effectiveness. His confidence led to scheduling an interview with a highly regarded Executive Chef in the community and soon David was hired as Sous Chef beginning a career he believed was out of the question for a guy with a felony record. 

Coaching works!


Clients create a new vision and new possibilities for the future and partner with a coach to support them in getting there. Where therapy heals emotional wounds of the past, moving someone from dysfunctional to functional, coaching leads clients from functional to optimal.


Treatment court clients benefit from coaching in concert with other forms of treatment. Life coaching for most, is introduced later in the program as clients prepare to graduate.


When choosing a life coach for Treatment Court, seek those with a PCC or MCC credential from the International Coaching Federation. (ICF). This will ensure you contract with only those who abide by the Professional standards and ethics of the coaching industry.



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