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Passion and Purpose - Two branches of the Same Tree.

by Sherri Gerek on 01/23/18

Often when I’m coaching someone I will ask them about their life’s passion?  For some, that can be a difficult question to answer because we rarely walk around talking about our passion in life.  

Noooo, we talk about our worries, we focus on the challenges, and perhaps that is just the result of our societal conditioning. We seem to be wired to focus on the problems, and typically we don’t share our passions with one another. 

 “Gosh, let me think.  My life’s passion, you ask?  Well, I don’t know. I Love my family, and I really enjoy skiing, but I’m not sure I would say I’m passionate about it.”

Getting to the heart of what a person is passionate about is a great way to delve into their sense of purpose.  Most people recognize some of what they are passionate about, although they may have some difficulty fully articulating it.  But fewer still are prepared to answer the question, ‘what would you say is your life purpose?’  Funny, when you think about it because for most of us, the two most compelling questions we ask in life are, “Who am I,” and “Why am I here?”

When considering life purpose, a few questions used to help uncover it are those which explore a person’s passion.  

Ask yourself:
~ What do you love so much as you are doing it, you often lose track of time?
~ What is it that fills you up emotionally, spiritually…mentally?
~ If money was no object and resources were unlimited, where would you spend all of your time and energy?

Helping someone connect to their life purpose is rewarding beyond measure, and it is regularly what I get to do in my work as a coach. 

Passion and Purpose are connected, like two branches of the same tree as I see it.  

Explore living a life where you get to fully express your passion, what you love most in life, and you get to experience living your life purpose.  The answer to life’s most compelling questions don’t have to be complicated. In fact, what if the answers to Who am I and Why am I here were so simple they were profound?  What might those answers be…?

Sherri Gerek is a Certified Professional Coach, PCC, ELI-MP, an iPEC faculty member, mentor coach, and author of The Hummingbird Way, a guidebook on personal and professional development available on and anywhere e-Books are sold!  Call 406-270-8098    or  

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